Why Choose Phoenix 5 Star Elite Auto Detail?

Family On A Mission

Hi, I'm John. My wife Jackie and I were searching one day for a carpet cleaner for our home and were amazed at how high the prices were. We had the carpets cleaned, but it sat heavy on us the amount of money it took and all the other things we could have done with that money. Especially,with two young daughters. Then it hit us: Not that there was money to be made in carpet cleaning, but there was money to be saved!

I worked two years with a local carpet company learning carpet cleaning & repair; gaining valuable hands-on experience. By day I learned the carpet business, and overnight  I worked a second job. We saved the money and I sat for the IICRC Carpet Technician Certification exam and became a Certified Carpet Technician, then built  a carpet cleaning business centered around one philosophy: giving you more for your money. Or as we call it--More Clean For Your Green.

More Clean For Your Green – This is our whole business model. The idea that you CAN get more for your money in carpet cleaning in terms of service, workmanship and professionalism. Start thinking of all the things you'll do with the money YOU save!

Rise Above – This is our internal mantra. Our promise to ourselves that we will always get there earlier, stay later and try harder than any one else and always do the right thing for you. 

So, as you consider the right choice for you in carpet cleaning, let me say this; I understand a household with children and pets (we have both) and a hectic life. We have early/late appointments, offer full services 7 days a week for your convenience, use products safe for children and pets and use all our chemicals in our own home.

Finally, we added complete auto interior detailing because we know what a hectic life does to the inside of a car. I can't tell you how many french fries I have found under the car seats. If life has reeked havoc on your vehicle's interior, we have you covered.

Thank you for visiting our page and I look forward to giving you More Clean For Your Green!