professional interior nano



  • Interior Fabric Protection against water spills and staining from extreme weather, children, or pets.
  • Durable protection for a minimum of 6-12 months from regular wear and caustic cleaners.
  • Surfaces treated become simple to clean, saving time and money on products.
  • Provides UV protection of convertible tops or dashboard covers,
  • Versatile for all interior surfaces, carpet, mats, seats, doors, convertible tops, etc.



System X Interior creates a high-tech super hydrophobic coating based on advanced nanotechnology to protect your interior surfaces like fabric seats, carpet, leather, and vinyl - with a single professional coating product. Spills and stains clean up easily and quickly.

When liquids come in contact with System X Interior, the treatment repels the substance and liquids roll off without penetrating or staining the material. 

Additionally, for materials with an open structure such as plush carpets where liquids are able to penetrate the surface, the coating prevents any penetration of the fibers and permanent staining of the material.

While traditional fabric coatings cause the material to become stiff and scratchy or changes the color and appearance, System X Interior Coating allows the material to breathe, retaining its natural feel and retaining it's original look.

System X Interior forms a strong bond with fibers to prevent removal during cleaning. Liquids are unable to attach or penetrate the fibers and are repelled in droplets.

Interior was developed specifically for automotive, marine, and aircraft fibers, so it out preforms other products formulated for home uses.